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It’s true love!
You live in the rarefied air of people having a delicious love affair with their money.
You understand how money works and you’re not afraid to talk about it or engage with it. Relationships take daily investment, however. Anyone who’s been married for several years or longer will tell you that it takes work. Make the choice today to stay engaged with your money in a loving way. Don’t get complacent. Instead, take daily, loving actions toward nurturing your relationship with money. You may want to make more, invest more, or be able to give more generously.
You may want to create true financial freedom so that you can work only when you choose to, not because you have to. You may want to become a masterful money manager. All of those things are possible for you and more. You simply need to stay engaged from a place of love. Everything in the universe responds positively to love and your money is no different. You are rockin’ it when it comes to your money, so all you need to do is stay on that path, because I see some happily ever after in your future!
Here are some action steps you could take:
  • Start an investment group with some girlfriends.
  • Hire a Certified Financial Planner or Advisor to help you set goals and work towards them.
  • Write down three specific things you value about yourself each night before you go to bed.
  • Read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki to learn how to think about and behave with your money to create true wealth and financial freedom.
  • Begin looking into passive and residual income streams. For starters, check out The Freedom Family—a team of wellness entrepreneurs who I mentor in creating residual income.
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I'm Kate Northrup
A bestselling author, mother, and entrepreneur who discovered that my “on purpose” work is to support ambitious, motivated and successful people like you face their finances and increase their abundance without burning themselves out in the process.
When it comes to my own finances, I’ve come a LONG way. Some years ago, I made big changes to the way I thought about, handled, and tracked my money and it paid off. Within months, I had doubled my income, doubled my savings, and hit six figures in my business for the first time. I realized I had to change my mindset to get my finances on the right track- and so I did, and you can too!
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